The Wuparo Conservancy – Eastern Caprivi

Bordering the Mamili National Park, the terrain varies from Mopane forests to open swamp areas. A large part of the concession is covered by water with many islands. The main trophy animal in the area is the Cape bualo where herds of up to 600 hundred animals are encountered on a regular basis. Due to the high bualo population, the area also boasts one of the best huntable lion populations in Namibia, so that we can oer one trophy lion per year.

Other animals on quota are elephant, leopard, hippo, crocodile, cable, roan, hyena, kudu, burchell zebra, impala, warthog and duiker. All hunting is done under the dictum of fair chase and is done on foot.

Accommodation is oered in separate bungalows each with hot and cold running water, excellent food, cold beverages and daily laundry services.

Personal attention to every detail of your hunt and stay is what Dawid is known for, so you might arrive as a hunter but you will denitely leave as a friend.